Meet The Team

Our team is distributed around Africa and the world.

We're a team of motivated, results-driven techies (designers, developers, engineers, technologists, strategists, more..) focus on helping Africa do one thing: Bring more tech awareness.

In the same way that DigitalStade is looking to be the leader in our industry, we're looking for hungry motivated clients who wants to be leader in their industry.

Our team prides itself on accountability, paying attention to the details even when no one is watching.

Welcome to our winning culture!


Oh. . .

DigitalStade is a team effort and there really are a lot of amazing folks working really hard to give back to the Africa tech communtiy. So, here's what you're gonna do if you trully appreciate their efforts.

  • Say hello in person: If you come across any one of us at a bus station, at a conference, or a meetup, be sure to say hi. 😊
  • Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram: If you want to see what the team is tweeting about, be sure to follow us.
  • Be a part of the community: The community depends on the participation of everyone, so be sure to join in and contribute to the comments.
    Ask questions, no matter how absurd you think it's going to look or sound, we'd be happy to help. Answer others comments, and add to the discussion.
  • Appreciate: If you like a tutorial/story or you get replied too on the comment section, thank the author(s) or commentor. It's always nice to know your efforts are appreciated.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading DigitalStade and being part of tech community in Africa! We look forward to getting to know you.